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    Arrival Support. Employment. Healthcare. Student Support. Budget Reviews. Sports Relocation.  
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  • Relocation support for students and families

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  • Student Support

    Education research.  Part-time employment.  Bank account opening.  Healthcare setup.  
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  • Study. Work. Relocate.

    Take a short course linked to work opportunities. Gain experience. Return home or explore options.
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Simplifying the relocation process through research, advice and support!

We will do the research, make the phone calls and ask the questions so you can make solid decisions. Our team has a wealth of experience to share so we'll do the homework for you!

The details may seem boring or tedious but research really is the first step when planning a life-changing move to another country, especially one that is so vast and unique in many ways. You're not alone! 

Get in touch for a free consultation and then get busy taking care of the packing, dream about your new life in Bermuda, USA, Europe, Caribbean or the UK, or spend that special bonding time before your loved one or young person boards the plane! You have a team by your side! 

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Looking to travel to play, study or watch sports? Your relocation connect team can help you with the details.
The CP Athletic Development and Relocation Connect team will help to identify opportunities, coordinate tryouts and assist with travel and accommodations. No matter the engagement - if you wish to study, gain experience, or play the sport - the team will be there to support your next steps!

Sports Relocation

To study. To play. To experience.

You tell us your preferences and we will send links to properties that match your interests and budget. Then, we can view on your behalf to secure a property prior to arrival, or you can nominate a friend/family, or we can coordinate a viewing schedule for when you arrive. We will advocate on your behalf, negotiate with agents and help with lease signing and move-in details.


Property search. Property viewing. Property security.

Assistance to prepare to work after relocation. We will help you to set up online profiles, connect you with employment agents and assist with updating your CV. We can even help to identify the best areas/industries to find work in your field of interest.


CV support. Direct contacts. Online profile.
Nova Southeastern - Division II Athletics
Concord University - Division II Athletics
Morningside College
University of Advancing Technology
Manhattan College - Division I Athletics
Swiss Hospitality & Culinary Education