Student Support Services

Education Research

Students and parents can easily plan and prepare for the exciting adventure of school or college with the RELO Connect student support and educational research services. Our education partner, EDcellerate, has a strong background in providing education and career guidance so no question or concern is too big or small for RELO Connect. We will be there to support your family from pre-decision to graduation! 

Note: student must have a valid passport (or equivalent) or required visa for the jurisdiction of interest.


Parents and students have the peace of mind knowing that there is always a caring and professional person available to support the student while at school abroad. 

Study & Work

START OVER: For people that want a totally new life in a new country, the "Start Over" package is inclusive of course registration, help with accommodations, employment support, schools for children, national/social security number support, bank account setup, healthcare registration, and budget review.

R-CUBED: For people that want to regain control of their work opportunities by taking a short course and then return back home. Package is inclusive of course registration, help with accommodation during study, and arrival support.

TRADE-IN: For students that are looking for a short course to prepare for immediate employment. They can trade a 4-year investment with a 1-2 year career-focused course to join the workforce. The "Trade-In" package is inclusive of course registration, help securing accommodation during study, work experience after study, national/social security number support, bank account setup, and healthcare.

Sports Relocation

Looking to relocate to study (or work) in a sports-related career? Interested in trying-out for an opportunity to join an overseas team? Our team of sport experts (CP Athletic Development) and relocation specialists are ready to help you take those life-changing steps to explore your dream career!

School Tours

Are you a school or PTA representative, sports organiser or church considering a school tour to introduce students to options and opportunities? Thinking of a subject-related tour (sports, art, science, dance, etc.)? The RELO Connect team can coordinate the trip from start to finish. 

Student RELO Package (Inclusive)

The Student RELO Package is a fully-inclusive plan that includes Education Research, Student Accommodation support, Student Support services and support on Arrival.

Transcript Review

Unsure of where your current transcript will place you when you study abroad? The RELO Connect team of experts will review your transcript, communicate with the school on your behalf, and provide a report of the level you will likely start when starting your new course.

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