Family Support Services 


The Relocation Connect team will research properties that match your needs and interests and you choose the ones you want us to contact on your behalf. We represent your needs and interests when speaking with property owners and realtors in the area of your choice, and when attending site visits or property viewings, and prepare a report so you know details about the immediate area, transportation available, and other living essentials included (or not) in the accommodation offer. Photos and video of each accommodation will be presented as part of the report. 

Viewing Options

1. View on Arrival plan

2. Friend/Family View on your behalf

3. The RELO Connect Team View on your behalf with photos, video and viewing description


One service + 3 options = freedom of choice with research and support for your relocation plans!



We understand that it can be scary when faced with health concerns and deciding that relocating may be the best option. You may not have the strength and skills to research the services available in a specific area, or you may not know much about the country to choose the region that offers the most support for your illness. The RELO Connect team allows you to concentrate on your health while we do the research on your behalf!

Pets Pack

We know that your pet is part of your family unit and to leave them behind when you start a new life is very difficult. That's why the RELO Connect team has listened to our clients with the new Pets Pack! We will look into the steps you need to take to prepare to travel, live in the country of choice, and any medical requirements for your pet to live in Bermuda, UK, USA, Caribbean or Europe. 


Do you need help with a passport? Do you need a visa to travel? RELO Connect  offers clients passport and visa research support. We look at the details specific to your circumstances and prepare a report of what is required in your country and the country you plan to relocate to identify the required documents. 



The team networks with recruiters or employment agencies to learn the types of jobs and opportunities available in the area of your choice.  We may attend meetings to discuss your employment needs (may incur travel fees) and create  your profile on job sites to help narrow roles that suit your skills and interests arriving in your inbox! We collect contacts and employment leads, as available, so you can network with the right people for jobs!

Relocation Coaching

Do you feel like relocation research and planning is suffocating you? Feel like you're drowning and could use a bit of support to file the million things to do in your mind? Parents, worried about your young person's next steps and could use a bit of support to sort through the stress and anxiety? The Relocation Coach can be a huge help to get through the tough decisions and help with ways to cope with leaving a lifetime behind, while starting a new one in the abroad. 

Total RELO Package 

The Total RELO Package includes Accommodation, a choice of two additional packs (Education, Employment, Immigration or Healthcare), Budget Review, a choice of one additional review (Benefits, Transcript or CV), and VIP Concierge services.

Budget RELO Package

The Budget RELO Package includes Accommodation and one additional pack (Education, Employment, Immigration or Healthcare).

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