Special Services

National/Social Insurance

We are happy to assist clients that are interested in obtaining a national or social insurance number. Our service includes calling to book an appointment on behalf of client, researching best transport to attend the appointment, and best time to leave home to arrive on time. We can also coordinate pick up and return for an additional fee. Note that the approval of the number is dependant on client's eligibility in specified jurisdiction.

Bank Account Opening

A move to another country will definitely cost dollars and cents, and you'll probably need somewhere to store your money. If you need help sorting a bank account, we may be able to help. You relax while we register your details and coordinate your first bank account opening meeting. We'll be in touch with the date, time, address, and transport options to get there. 

Budget Review

Unsure of how to put a household budget together? Don't have the time or energy to prepare a budget to plan for your move? Relax! RELO Connect will do the Maths for you and your budget will be in place before you know it. 

Benefits Review

Do you already foresee financial challenges after relocating? Are you keen to find out about government support services to plan your move? Relax! The RELO Connect team will do the work for you! Our team will research the benefits available to you and your family for the area of your choice. Yes, eligibility and opportunities for benefits depend on where you will live and you and your family's circumstances.

Arrival Services

We are pleased to introduce our flight and hotel booking and airport arrival services to provide comfort and support to travelers  for business, holiday, school or relocation purposes.

VIP Concierge
Imagine seeing a friendly face after the long flight over, and knowing that you have someone with you for the first few days of relocating. The VIP Concierge service means that you have a helping hand for three or five days after arriving. Your personal concierge will escort you to do your shopping, set up bank accounts, register with a doctor and dentist, book national insurance or social security appointments (depending on jurisdiction), help with setting up basic utilities, and provide you with valuable information about the general area that you'll be living in and convenient transportation links in that region. Any appointments or requests within reason may be included in the 3 or 5-day package and you can choose with a driver to have a car available to get around, or without a driver to get used to the public transportation.
Hotel and Airline Booking

With so much planning to do, maybe the last thing you have time for is coordinating travel details. If you can muster the strength to open the first website with a 100 flight options, you've accomplished a great deal and should feel very proud of yourself!

For those of you that need a break and would love to close your eyes for a minute and reopen to all the details in place, our hotel and airport transport service may be your dream come true! The team will research flights, airport pick up services and hotel rates (should you need a hotel for a night or two before traveling to the destination of your choice), and you can then decide the best option for your family. 

This service is great for students that cannot enter student housing immediately on arrival to your destination. We would be happy to help you to coordinate a plan for the days before check-in. For students and families that are interested in added support on arrival, the VIP Concierge service may be a great option.

Airport Transport

Looking to compare transportation options for when you arrive? Let the RELO Connect Team take that off your hands. Whether you choose for one of the team to escort you from airport to chosen area, or you decide to go for one of our professional transportation partners, you can be assured that this will be one less stress if you leave it to us!

65+ Inclusive RELO Package

This special inclusive package is solely for individuals age 65 and older. It includes Accommodations, Healthcare, Budget Review, Pre-Arrival Support (5 hours), National/Social Insurance (where applicable in jurisdiction of choice), 3-month Post-Arrival Support and Relocation Coaching (3 hours).

Sports Inclusive RELO Package

Our inclusive sports relocation package includes sports-related research, Accommodation, a choice of Education or Employment pack, Bank Account setup, National Insurance/Social Security number support, Budget Review and Arrival Services.

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